Cancer Treatment Fairness Act ~ 2017 (Oral Parity)

Oral Parity Legislation:   HB 1059 passed  on March 15, 2017

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SPEAC Oral Parity 1-Pager 7-15-16 (1)

FINAL State Fiscal Impact Studies SUMMARY Dec 2016


Next Vote: Tuesday, March 21 @ 9:00 am*
House Insurance & Banking Committee
*this could change, so please stay with us!

ACTION NEEDED: Phone calls, Emails, and Visits. Please contact for more information.

DEADLINE: Before Tuesday 3/21*

ASSIGNMENTS: Any Constituent living in these districts, and Coalition partners and advocate groups have been assigned to these targets. Please check for your name!

  1. ‘Thank you’ phone calls & emails to all subcommittee YES votes

6 members:  Keisling, Hill, Matheny, Powers, Rudd, Towns


  1. ‘Vote Yes on HB1059’ phone calls to all other Committee members (except Chair and Vice Chair)

11 members:  Beck, Brooks, Curcio, Gant, Hardaway, Pitts, Pody, Sargent, Sparks, Thompson, VanHuss


  1. Constituent Visits et. al. (pull out all the stops!) to Committee Targets; Lobby

8 Targets:  VanHuss, Beck, Curcio, Sparks, Gant, Hardaway, Thompson, Towns
If you are able to meet or talk with these members, please consider being in Nashville for the vote; it makes a big impact.


  1. Senate Targets:

There are 3 Senate targets that need to hear from us sooner than later, and they share a district with our House Targets.

3 Targets:  Green, Gresham, Tracy

Please begin working these targets ASAP, right behind House.


The Cancer Treatment Fairness Act is sponsored by Senator Bill Ketron and Rep. William Lamberth. It will ensure that those fighting cancer in TN won’t have to fight for the medication their oncologist says they need.  Please join us in supporting this critical piece of legislation.

Please click on the following link for information on how you can help with this legislation – TN Task Force description.  For a list of Legislators you can contact, please click on this link – LLS – Attachment-Newly-Elected-Members-of-the-110th-General-Assembly.

Thank you for your support!

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